Sibylla aims to create an advantageous situation in the universe, to use all the roles/businesses in order to reconquer the systems taken by the Vanduuls!


– Forged by the cosmos, let’s do the impossible –


What role will you play?

Sibylla is a multi-role organization created in early 2013 at the launch of Star Citizen. We constantly evolve to adapt to the game, but also to the needs of our members. Sibylla will obviously continue to evolve after the release of the MMO.

The organization aims to bring together as many players as possible to create as many opportunities as possible. We encompass all the gameplays present in Star Citizen in order to give our members total freedom of activity and thus offer a memorable and entertaining gaming experience by leaving nothing aside. All player profiles are welcome, whether you are a Casual, Roleplay or hardcore player. The IRL will always remain a priority for the orga.

This will allow Sibylla to be totally autonomous, on all the gameplays present in the game. We will always put our members first so that the time spent on Star Citizen is forever remembered.

Historically, Sibylla and before its creation, the TF113, were at war with the Vanduuls and ready to do anything to protect humanity.

We will continue to do that.

Thus Sibylla actively participates in the war effort against the Vanduuls with the objective of defending humanity, but also to counter-attack and recover the systems they took from us at the expense of many human lives.


The organization actively participates in community events; we want to make Sibylla a key player in Star Citizen and be involved in the geopolitics of the game to the maximum.

Sibylla’s industrial activities include mining, refining, recycling, manufacturing and much more. If you have always wanted to support the Sibylla Industry, this is the sector you need!
Commerce & Support

"You have the soul of a charterer. You want support in your quest for bigger wins, or just make sure your friends and customers always have the best equipment in their hands, your place is in this sector."

Exploration and Intelligence
Spending many hours analyzing the results of your radar scans doesn’t scare you. You like to let the wind carry you to the surface of a moon in search of the next vein. Dispelling the ambushes and discovering the next targets from the vanguard of the fleet is your role of choice. Exploration and Intelligence is for you.
Search & Medical

"You have the soul of a rescuer, the desire to help your neighbor, or are simply passionate about care and medicine, our medical sector needs you."

This is where all rescue and emergency care operations are centralized. This includes the extraction of wounded pilots in combat and their rapid return to fight, the search for missing persons, and long-term care. To join this sector is to serve life. Beginners will find care and rescue advice, specialists will find teams and jobs. Many contracts will also be pooled so that Sibylla can offer the fastest possible response to an emergency.

Defending humanity at all costs is the heart of Sibylla. It is through weapons that we have pursued this constant task since our creation. It is within this sector that operations against the enemy Vanduul are prepared, It is from here that we launch raids against pirates who prosper on the backs of the Human race and it is here that we train defenders of humanity who take over from those who have fallen into battle.
If you love pushing your ship to the maximum, negotiating very precise turns or driving rovers in endurance races, the Competition sector is for you. It is here that the most daredevil drivers of Sibylla organize races and where we recruit the drivers who will represent us in inter-organization competitions.

Illegal operations may seem strange given the reasons for Sybilla’s existence. However, this is nonetheless in Sibylla’s DNA. Our organization was born from members of the navy going rogue. Although the operation was supported at the highest level, it was nonetheless in breach of EU regulations. Even today, such actions are still employed to meet the needs of our fleet. Whether it’s for transporting vital contrabands, forcibly acquiring an engine part needed for one of our ships, or eliminating an enemy threatening our interests, we are always looking for members who are able to resolve some of our problems with discretion.

The Tools of Sibylla


This tool is dedicated to communication between us and other player organizations.

Karhouel Academy

The Academy is our training center, to prepare our members as best as possible for the various situations that the game can offer.


The S.e.n.t.i.n.e.l. or Surveillance, Listening, Negotiation, Transparency, Impartiality, Neutrality, Evaluation, Legislation are our tools of moderation.

[TF113] Task Force 113

This is our fleet management tool, made up of willing and skilled management members who make sure our ships are ready to go at any time.

[B.I.M.] Imaging & Media Bureau

It is the communication tool of Sibylla. It serves inside as well as outside the organization. It is composed of many profiles, such as graphic designers, videographers, developers or writers.

Welcome to Sibylla

Members in the world
Sibylla prepares you not only to succeed as the member of a team, but also as an individual. If you are looking for a well-balanced organization, Sibylla is made for you! The success of this game will depend on large groups of players and effective teamwork. Sibylla is a must for everyone ! Success in this game will depend on large groups of players and effective teamwork. Sibylla is a must for everyone!

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Sibylla develops its YouTube channel around videos either fun or serious, aiming for more quality than quantity. The goal is to showcase our members and spread our different stories/events.