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Sibylla has a diplomatic corps. This tool is intended for other organizations, entities and alliances present in Star Citizen.

We are open to any discussions, projects or presentations no matter the style of play of the people who contact us, whether they are paramilitaries, traders,couriers, pirates, UEE affiliates or not.

Sibylla is not pro-UEE, we defend human interests but we are not always in agreement with some of the Empire’s decisions.

We will attack on sight all Vanduul clans, as well as all entities we consider hostile to humanity.

For any diplomatic contact, please come to our Discord

A private embassy between our diplomats and yours will be created, and you will be asked to present your Organization/Alliance along with your intentions towards us.

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Do you take part in inter-org events?

Yes, if you would like to submit one, please do.

Proposal for NAP, Alliances, etc.

We are open to any kind of proposal, and the diplomatic service will study them carefully. We can accept proposals, but due to the current state of the game, they will only become effective at the release of the MMO, on the official date announced by CIG.


If you want to get closer to us today to start having friendly relationships, through events for example, please feel free to contact us.

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